Better Information, Better Analysis, Better Decisions

It's tough
at the top

So let Olton illuminate
the route ahead

Don't fear storms expect them

Before any key decision,
let Olton forecast what to expect

See around corners

Before deciding on a path,
let Olton check your blind spots

What lies beneath?

Let Olton discover hidden risks
ahead of your next venture

See it all in a different light

Let Olton shed some welcome light,
before you make a decision

Olton are leading corporate intelligence consultants. We discover relevant information to enable critical decisions.

Olton provide companies, governments and high-net worth individuals with better information and better analysis for, ultimately, better decisions. We cut through today’s mass proliferation of information to sort fact from fiction and truth from opinion. This risk analysis provides our clients with the foreknowledge and understanding to thrive in uncertain situations.

We are able to delve deeper: our unique software explores far beyond regular search engines and analytical tools, allowing us to distil the relevant data. Our team of expert analysts then bring together the key findings, producing trustworthy assessments upon which the best decisions can be based. The result is a faster and more cost-effective risk analysis than traditional research or investigation techniques.

Reducing risk

Our insightful intelligence and expert analysis helps decision-makers reduce strategic risk and gain a competitive edge.

Experience and expertise

We bring together the power of technology and human intellect, to deliver astute and far-reaching insights on risks and opportunities. This allows our clients to make superior decisions.

Speed and Efficiency

Our unique, cost-efficient software significantly increases the speed and quality of information gathering, allowing more time for rigorous investigation and expert analysis. Result: a better decision, faster.